Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Pritzker Prize Awarded to a Chinese Architect

A 48 years old Chinese architect, Mr. Wang Shu, received the 2012 Pritzker Prize in architecture. His architecture is rooted in modernism but is also distinctively Chinese. He believes that modernization is not the same as Westernization, and is able to demonstrate that through his projects such as the History Museum of Ningbo, near Shanghai.

In awarding this year’s Pritzker Prize to Mr. Wang, 48, in February, the jury catapulted to center stage an architect who profoundly disagrees with China’s rush to urbanization and has found a way to criticize it through his own style of work.”
48 的中国建筑,蜀王先生,在体系构中收到了 2012年的普里茨克。他的建筑根植于代主,但明也是中文。他认为现代化不是西化,一够证明,通他史博物的宁波、 上海附近的目。"颁发今年的普利茨克 48,王先生今年 2 月,陪审团舞台建筑深刻同意中国的繁忙城市化程和已找到方法来批它通他自己的工作格。"

Reference: Perlez, Jane, An Architect’s Vision: Bare Elegance in China, New York Times, August 9, 2012
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shanghai International Commerce Centre

Shanghai International Commerce Centre is located in the Puxi commercial zone. It has 3.4 million square-feet of space, comprising of two office towers, retail space and luxury residences. “The net ceiling heights of standard and trading floors are three and four metres with 180 mm and 310 mm raised floors to offer tenants state-of-the-art IT facilities.”

The shopping mall consists of 1.3 million square-feet of retail space. It has received preliminary gold certification from US GBC’s LEED program. Its tenants include HSBC China head office, Bloomberg, Standard Bank of South Africa, Schroders Group and BOCOM International. 
上海国中心,位于浦西商。它 340 万方英尺的空成的两个公大楼、 零售空和豪住宅。"天花板高度的准和交易楼都有 180 毫米及提供租客先资讯科技施提出的 310 毫米地板三、 四米"。物中心由 130 万平方英尺的零售空间组成。从我 GBC LEED 程序已收到初步的金牌认证。公屋住包括丰中国彭博,行南非、 英国施德集和交

Reference: First zone of Shanghai ICC nearly fully leased

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Cutting Edge Architecture at the Shanghai IFC Mall

Shanghai’s IFC Mall is located in the heart of the financial district with direct links to the Pearl Tower and MRT lines. It is also in the heart of the Lujiazui fiancial trade zone. It has over 1 million square-feet of retail area flanked by two office towers and two hotels. It has six levels of retail, two of which contain food courts and a supermarket. The remaining four levels contain luxury retail shops.

Rapid economic development has given rise to more Shanghai residents leading privileged lifestyles, so Shanghai ifc mall will have noted international stores to appeal to this niche of discerning customers.”

上海 IFC 场位于金融区直接链接到珍珠塔和捷运线的核心。它也是陆家嘴金融贸易区的心脏。它有超过 100 万平方英尺的零售区域两侧的两个办公大楼和两间酒店。它有两个包含食品法院和一家超市的零售、 六个级别。其余四个级别包含奢侈品零售店铺。"经济的快速发展已引起了更多上海居民领导特权的生活方式,所以上海 ifc 场会注意到这位独具慧眼的客户向上诉国际百货。"

Reference: Shanghai IFC Mall, Stylish Mall 

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Third Central Business District for Shanghai

1.8 million square meters of commercial, residential, cultural and recreational uses have been  proposed for Qiantan ES4 Precinct of Shanghai. The project will attract RMB 100 billion of future investment in the area. The new business district will be unique in its quality and sense of place.

Given Shanghai’s rapid urbanization, the strategically positioned Qiantan ES4 Precinct will be the third central business district of Shanghai. The location will serve as a major public transport interchange and a waterfront entertainment destination.”

1.8 上海乾潭镇四段徒步区提出了万平方米的商业、 住宅、 文化及康乐用途。该项目将吸引该地区未来投资 1000 亿人民币。新的商务区将独特,其质量和安全感的地方。"鉴于上海的快速城市化、 战略定位的乾潭镇四段徒步区将成为上海市第三次中央商务区。位置将作为一个主要的公共交通交汇处和一个海滨娱乐目的地。"

Reference and photo credit: Benoy’s Masterplanning Success,, 2012
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shanghai's Industrial Development

Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Delta.  The East China Sea touches it on one side while the Hangzhou Bay is on its South side.  Shanghai has a total area of 6,340 Square Kilometers.  With a total population of 16.74 million in 2001, Shanghai is the biggest industrial city in China.  Its GDP had reached US $ 65 Billion in 2002.  

Six key industries (IT, motor, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, complete set of equipment, bio-pharmaceuticals) realized 58% of the total industrial output while the four primary sectors in the tertiary industry (finance and insurance, real estate, transportation, post and telecommunication, wholesale and retailing) achieved 62% of the total output in this industry, in which finance occupies 21%, staying first.”

上海地处长江三角洲。中国东海触动它一侧而杭州湾是其南一侧。上海总面积 6,340 平方公里。2001 16.74 万的人口,上海是中国最大的工业城市。在 2002 年,其国内生产总值已达到 65 亿美元。"六个重点行 (它、 电机、 石油化工、 细化工、 成套设备、 生物技术药物) 实现工业总输出虽然第三产业 (金融和保险、 房地产、 交通运输、 邮政及电信、 发及零售业) 的四个主要环节取得输出在这个行业,其中金融占 21%,入住第一的总数的 62%58%"

Illustration Credit:  Joowwww under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
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Better City, Better Life: The 2010 Shanghai Expo

The 2010 World Expo at Shanghai focused on innovation and interaction. Innovation is the soul of human development, while interaction is the reason for organizing world expositions. The theme of “Better City, Better Life” provided an opportunity to explore the future of urban life, disseminate advanced notions on cities and explore new approaches for sustainable urban development.

2010 年上海世博会重点创新和互动。创新是人类发展的灵魂,而互动是举办世界博览会的原因。"城市,让生活更美好"的主题提供了一个机会,探索未来的城市生活、 城市先进的思想的传播和探索城市可持续发展的新途径。

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The Shanghai Tower

Located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the Shanghai Tower is one of three super tall structures.  The Tower signifies the future of China as a world leader.  The other two towers - the Jin Mao Tower pays tribute to the history, while the Shanghai World Financial Center represents current economic success.  The Tower has 128 floors and will be 632 meters in height. 

 上海塔位于上海市浦东新区,是三个超高层结构之一。塔处于世界领先地位,标志着中国的未来。其他两个高塔-金茂大厦致敬历史,虽然上海世界金融中心代表当前的经济成功。塔有 128 层,将 632 米的高度。

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